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Welcome to Lavin Fence, The Best Value for Fences, Dog Runs, Security Cages and More in Garden Grove, Orange, and Tustin, CA

Lavin Fence is one of the leading fence contractors for custom wood and chain-link fencing in Garden Grove, Orange, and Tustin. Over the last 40 years, we've performed tens of thousands of fencing installations for homes, shops, warehouses, municipalities, sports fields and more. Our fencing projects have included security fencing and gates, trash enclosures, pool fences, floor-to-ceiling partitions, sports field fencing, dog runs, kennels, walkway and driveway gates, automatic gates, security gates, and more. Every fence project is designed and constructed according to the industry's best standards for craftsmanship. Our dedication to going the extra mile and delivering exceptional custom-built fences at a great price has made us the preferred fence contractor in Garden Grove, Orange, Tustin, and surrounding areas.

Lavin Fence is a second-generation, family-owned and -operated business. All projects are supervised by our owner, Nate Lavin, who learned the trade from his father. He has decades of experience building chain-link and wooden custom fences, gates, and enclosures. He provides FREE on-site estimates for fence construction projects in Garden Grove, Orange, Tustin, or other nearby city, and can provide the guidance you need to ensure that your new fence or gate fully meets your expectations. At Lavin Fence, we pride ourselves on our close relationship with the customer and promise to put maximum effort into your custom-built fence, gate, dog run, or security cage. All of our projects come with our one-year warranty on labor and can be built to code upon request.

High-Quality Chain-Link Fencing at Competitive Prices in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange, CA

Lavin Fence specializes in the design and construction of well-crafted chain-link fences for homes, HOAs, warehouses, sports parks, schools, and other residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial properties in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange. Whether you need a backyard fence, warehouse partition, or a sports field perimeter, a chain-link fence provides a durable and long-lasting perimeter that will stand up to even the toughest of environments. At Lavin Fence, we use high-quality materials and time-tested construction and installation techniques to make sure your custom-built chain-link fence complements your property, meets your functional needs, and lasts for decades without the need for adjustments or other maintenance.

We use galvanized chain-link fencing, which has a zinc coating that protects the metal against rusting, helping to extend its life expectancy. Our poly-coated chain-link provides even greater protection from rust and corrosion because its steel mesh is both galvanized and then dipped in vinyl. Poly-coated or vinyl-coated chain-link fencing is available in a number of different colors, making it a great selection for those in in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange who want their chain-link to stand out amongst its surroundings or blend in. These fences are available in ½" to 2" mesh and can have vinyl slats added for privacy or wind protection.

Custom-Built Wooden Fences, Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange, CA -- Featuring Beautiful Redwood or Cedar, Perfect for Good Neighbor Fencing, Privacy Fencing, Pool Fencing & More

Lavin Fence also provides high-quality, affordable wooden fence design, construction, and installation services in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange. Like chain link fencing, our wood fencing is completely customizable. To provide you with the best recommendations and an accurate quote, we provide free on-site consultations. During a consultation, we'll learn about your function needs, aesthetic priorities, and budget limitations. All of our fences can be cut to any shape, including even-length, cap and trim, and the popular "dog-ear" style, and built to any length. Our wood fences are made from durable redwood or cedar that can be pressure treated for protection against rot and termites. Additionally, we can install wood-covered steel posts to keep your wood fence or gate from loosening and sagging over time. Call us today to set up a meeting and get a free estimate on a new wooden fence for your Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange property.

The Top Choice for Sports Field Fencing in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange, CA

Lavin Fence has been installing chain-link fencing for sports parks and fields throughout Garden Grove, Tustin, Orange, and surrounding Orange County areas for nearly 40 years. This includes outfield fencing and backstops for baseball parks; perimeter fencing for tennis, handball, volleyball, and basketball courts; and specialized batting and pitching cages. For your sports field fence, you can choose from galvanized chain-link or poly-coated chain-link. Because poly-coated chain-link fences feature a vinyl coating, this type of fence smooths over any sharp metal points and offers a bit of "cushion" if anyone were to run into the fence. For privacy, wind screening, and weather protection, we also offer optional vinyl slats and screens. Call us today for an on-site consultation and a free estimate on a fence for your Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange sports park or field.

Safe and Secure Pool Fencing for Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange, CA Properties

An unsupervised pool area can be dangerous, which is why Lavin Fence will take extra care in the design and installation of your pool fence in Garden Grove, Tustin, or Orange. Both our chain-link and wooden fences are excellent choices for establishing a safe but attractive pool perimeter. In many cases, pool fences need to meet city-specific building code requirements, such as be unclimbable, reach a minimum fence height, have self-closing gates, and feature a panic-release bar if the gate automatically locks. Call us today for a free on-site visit and estimate for your new pool fence in Garden Grove, Tustin, or Orange.

Entryway & Driveway Chain-Link and Wooden Gates in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange, CA

Lavin Fence specializes in the installation of fully customized chain-link and wooden gates for Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange homes and businesses. Whether it's for a simple entryway or a restricted access point, we can provide you with a secure, functional, and long-lasting gate that will complement your surrounding fence and location. We build and install swinging gates, rolling gates, and sliding gates for entryways and driveways of nearly any width and can modify them with your choice of hardware, automatic or electric operators, and access control systems. If you are interested in an automated gate, we recommend the Elite® brand of gate operators, remote controls, keypads, and more. For an additional deterrent against would-be intruders, we can also fit your gate with barbed wire and/or razor ribbon to prevent trespassing. Call now for a free estimate on our custom gate installation services in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange.

Chain-Link Security Cages & Enclosures for Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange Shops and Warehouses

We at Lavin Fence pride ourselves on providing the best value on safe and secure security cages, enclosures, and partitions for customers in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange. Our security cages, enclosures, and partitions are made from commercial-grade galvanized or poly-coated chain-link and custom installed to perfectly fit each space, making them extremely effective for managing inventory, preventing theft, and restricting access to specific areas. Call today. We're happy to provide a free on-site consultation for security gates or enclosures anywhere in Garden Grove, Tustin, Orange, or other nearby city.

Custom-Built Chain Link Dog Runs in Garden Grove, Tustin, and Orange, CA

Dog runs are perfect for anyone looking to keep their dogs safe and secure while allowing them an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and stretch their legs. As a second-generation family-owned fence contractor with more than three decades of experience, Lavin Fence is particularly well qualified to custom build dog runs of any dimension. We're able to construct dog runs and kennels for homes, dog trainers, pet shelters, and veterinary/pet boarding facilities anywhere in Garden Grove, Tustin, or Orange. These dog runs are always built to each customer's specifications and can feature a number of elements for greater effectiveness. For example, a bottom rung helps prevent dogs from digging a hole and escaping underneath the mesh, and privacy slats helps reduce barking. Call us today to arrange a free free on-site estimate for a custom-built dog run or kennel in Orange, Tustin, Garden Grove, or other nearby city.



Thank you! On time and good quality work. Nice conversation while you were getting the job done!

Scott N., Garden Grove, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I am so happy with Nate and his team at Lavin Fence. Communication with him was great. He got back to me quickly and really listened when I explained what I needed. We had a 150 foot chain link fence in our yard that needed to be replaced as it was over 50 years old and falling down due to decay. They came in very quickly and did excellent work. The new fence was installed in one day and looks fantastic!!!!!! So much better than before. This one will last decades and decades. So if you are looking for a great contractor to work on your fence or fences, give Nate a call. You'll be glad you did. Highly recommended :)

Evan C., Orange, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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