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Welcome to Lavin Fence: Your Best Choice for High-Quality, Competitively Priced Wood & Chain Link Fencing Projects in Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia, CA

Lavin Fence excels at designing and installing custom-built chain-link fences, dog runs, security cages, and gates as well as wood fencing and gates for Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia homes and businesses. We're a family-owned and -operated fence contractor that has more than 40 years of experience in building chain-link and wood fences. While we always focus on using high-quality materials and delivering long-lasting, durable craftsmanship, we keep the cost of our fences competitive. Our dedication to serving our Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia customers and giving them exceptional value has made us the go-to fencing company for many Orange County residents and business owners.

A Wide Range of Security Fencing Solutions for Your Fullerton, Brea, or Placentia Property

Lavin Fence specializes in customizing fencing for the privacy and security needs of homes and businesses throughout Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia. This includes designing and constructing chain-link partitions, cages, fencing, kennels/dog runs, automatic driveway gates with secure access control, fencing with barbed wire or razor wire, and more. Our chain-link fencing can feature galvanized or poly-coated (fuse-bonded) chain-link mesh wire with ½" to 2" diamond openings. We can also install chain-link fencing with vinyl privacy slats or windscreens for added privacy. In addition, we can custom design and build wood fences and gates from cedar or redwood. Our wooden fences can be built to your exact specifications and provide either partial or complete privacy. In addition to security fencing, we also construct sports field or athletic fencing.

All of our fencing projects come with a one-year written warranty on labor and will be built to fit your exact specifications. Our owner is familiar with the city code requirements for Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia, and is readily available to arrange for a free on-site visit for all new fence installations.

The Best Value on Galvanized and Poly-Coated Chain-Link Fences in Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia, CA

Lavin Fence specializes in the design and erection of chain-link fences for Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia residential and commercial establishments. These fences are durable and long-lasting, and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from property fencing to field enclosures to security cages. While some fence companies may underbid us, they are unable to compete with the quality of our construction. At Lavin Fence, we put in the extra effort, care, and attention it takes to truly deliver a beautiful and durable fence that can last for decades with little to no maintenance. Depending upon your preference, you can choose to use galvanized chain-link mesh or poly-coated chain-link mesh (aka vinyl-coated chain-link).

Galvanized Chain-Link features a zinc coating that protects the fence's steel from rusting or corroding. This greatly lengthens the longevity of your chain-link fence, so that it can easily stand for decades without needing ongoing maintenance to keep them in prime condition. Poly-Coated Chain-Link takes the standard galvanized chain-link mesh and coats it in a liquid vinyl that fuses with the metal when it hardens, making the fence impervious to water damage. The coating also creates a smoother surface, which makes it ideal for sports fields and playgrounds, where you could have players or children regularly run into the fence. Both types of chain-link fences are available in ½" to 2" wire mesh, and can be equipped with privacy slats for 95% visibility reduction. If you're interested in security, we recommend the ½" mesh as it is too small for footholds or to fit bolt cutters through. For added durability, Lavin Fence welds all corners and strips the nuts and bolts to give you a permanent fixture that won't require ongoing adjustments to stay taut.

Custom-Built Chain-Link Dog Runs & Kennels for Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia Pet Owners, Businesses, and Municipalities

A chain-link dog run or kennel is the optimal solution for anyone in Fullerton, Brea, or Placentia who owns or keeps dogs. A dog run lets your dogs enjoy the fresh air while keeping them safe and secure. Lavin Fence has been installing fully customized dog runs and kennels for residential, commercial, and municipal clients throughout Orange County for decades and can install one that meets your specific needs at a cost-effective price. These cages can be built with an open-air top or a closed roof (which can provide shade and keep high jumping dogs from escaping). Because we have so many years of experience building chain-link dog runs and kennels, we can provide you with invaluable tips and guidance. For example, we always recommend fitting the dog run's or kennel's walls with a bottom rung to prevent a dog from crawling out from underneath the wiring. We also recommend using a ΒΌ" mesh to keep your pet from chewing and biting the wire and possibly damaging their teeth. For those with a lot of dogs or dogs that like to bark, we can install privacy slats to limit the dog's visibility and reduce its tendency for barking. Call us today to arrange an on-site estimate for a new dog run or kennel at your Fullerton, Brea, or Placentia location.

Durable Security Cages for Commercial and Industrial Clients in Fullerton, Brea, Placentia, and Surrounding Orange County Cities

Lavin Fence specializes in the design and installation of high-quality, custom-built security cages for Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia stores, industrial warehouses, construction sites, and storage facilities. As a second-generation fencing company that's been in operation for over 30 years, we have cultivated a reputation as a contractor that values customers and delivers exceptional results. Our chain-link security cages can be installed outside or indoors, and are especially well-suited for inventory control, preventing theft, and restricting access to specific areas. We can also install fully-enclosed security cages indoors or block off part of a storage area or warehouse floor with a floor-to-ceiling partition. All of our security cages and partitions also feature a customized door or gate that is customized to the needs of the client. We can install a simple chain-link mesh door with your choice of lockable hardware or install a door that better meets your particular needs, such as a Dutch door (a door with separated top and bottom halves) to receive and distribute mail and packages for example. We frequently install panic bars on the inside of these doors and gates to allow for a quick and easy exit during an emergency. Call us today to learn more about our security cage and partition installation services in Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia. Estimates are free and always provided by the owner.

Manual and Automatic Gates for Entryways and Driveways in Fullerton, Brea, Placentia, and Nearby Areas

Lavin Fence provides the best value on manual and automatic gates in Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia. Every gate is built to perfectly fit each entryway or driveway and designed to complement the property. As with our fences, we are able to construct your gate from galvanized or poly-coated chain-link steel mesh or heavy-duty redwood or cedar. No matter which material you prefer, our gates can be constructed in a single-leaf or double-leaf design, and either slide or swing open. Our manually operated gates typically feature our client's choice of lock, latch, or handle, and our electronically-operated or automated gates are controlled by brand-name operators, such as Elite®. Our gates can also be equipped with remotes, transponders, or keypads for added convenience and security. Call us today to arrange an on-site gate installation consultation at your Fullerton, Brea, or Placentia location.

Home, Business & HOA Pool Fence Installation in Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia, CA

If you're looking for fencing for your backyard or community pool in either Fullerton, Brea, or Placentia, Lavin Fence has the experience and quality of craftsmanship that you need. We can construct custom chain-link or wooden fences for pool perimeters that provide a safe and secure environment for children and adults. These fences can be built to enclose any size pool and made from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel chain link mesh, poly-coated chain link, redwood, or cedar. If privacy is important to you, we can fit a chain-link pool fence with privacy slats or a vinyl windscreen for reduced visibility and wind protection or build a board-on-board wood privacy fence. All of our fences can be fitted with a self-closing pool gate as well as an electronic latch, lock, keypad or transponder for added security. Call us today; we offer free estimates for Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia pool fence installation projects.

Sports Field Fence Installation Services in Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia, CA: Volleyball Court Enclosures, Tennis Court Fencing, Batting Cages, and More

Lavin Fence has performed thousands of Orange County fence installations over the last 30 years. A large portion of these projects were custom fencing enclosures for sports fields, courtyards, and other athletic areas. We've installed chain-link fencing for baseball parks, basketball courts, handball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, batting/pitching cages, and more. We offer both galvanized stainless steel chain link fencing and poly-coated chain-link fence. We recommend our poly-coated black chain-link fencing in particular because it is durable, water resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. It's also less likely to leave a mark if someone were to run into it. Our chain-link sports field fences can also feature vinyl privacy slats or windscreens to provide added privacy, glare reduction, and/or protection from high winds. Call us today for a free sports field fence consultation and estimate in Fullerton, Brea, or Placentia.

Long-Lasting Wooden Fences for Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia Homes and Businesses

Lavin Fence is proud to offer wooden fence design, construction, and installation services in Fullerton, Placentia, and Brea. These fences can be constructed from heavy-grade redwood or cedar, and make a beautiful addition to any home or business. All of our wooden fences are fully customized to your specifications. While normal wooden fences start to feel the effects of rot after about 5-6 years, we can have your fence fitted with pressure treated rails to increase its longevity. For added durability, these fences can be supported with wood-covered steel posts that are immune to termite infestation. Our wooden fences can be cut in a variety of shapes and come with our standard one-year labor warranty. Call us today to arrange a visit and get your on-site estimate on a new wooden fence.



We couldn't be happier with our new gates. The high quality stylish look has really added to the curb appeal of our home. The people at Lavin Fence are professional and courteous. They delivered on all of their promises.

Carnen B., Fullerton, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Well it was a few years ago that I had Nate and his crew come out and look at the situation at my business where there had been a theft of a vehicle that was behind a fence the fence was completely destroyed and literally ripped from the ground. So I called up Lavin fence kind of last minute they came out analyze the situation gave me a more than fare estimate and less than 18 hours later we were back to a secured fence better than the last one even by 10 fold. Better late than never hears your review thank you Nate and crew.

Steven N., Placentia, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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